Reflective safety vest
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Reflective safety vest



Obligatory equipment of the car is specified by legal regulations of the
corresponding country. The car obligatory equipment kit includes, among
others, also a reflective vest. The reflective vest has a wide spectrum of
applications. Because of safety reasons, its use is legally obligatory in case
of a car defect on the road (exchange of wheel with defective tyre, burnt
lamp). However, the vest can be used during any other activity on the road
when visibility is lowered (cycling, in-line skating, etc.). The reflective
vest with its colour and integrated reflective bands complies with the
norm for “high visibility standard”. It is made of polyester fabric, sewn in
a universal size with two stitched on reflective bands and Velcro fasteners.
Keep the vest clean; if the reflective bands become smudged, the vest
loses its protective function and its use is ineffective. The reflective vest is
classified in the grade and class of safety 2 on the basis of classification of
clothing and reflective material. In order to ensure safety, we recommend
vest storing always within the driver’s reach so as to allow its putting on
before getting of the car (glove compartment, front door pockets). Some
models of the ŠKODA cars have a case for reflective vest storing directly
under the driver’s seat.


Set contents: Reflective safety vest, fitting instruction.
Maintenance: Washing at 30 °C (max. number of washing cycles: 50). Do not dry in a drier, do not iron.
Limitations: If the reflective bands are smudged, the vest cannot be used.
Guarantee: 24 months.

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